3 Common Reasons To Repair Your Toilet

Most toilets are made from a porcelain material that can last for many years, but sometimes the commode needs to be repaired. Whether a connection failed, something clogged the pipes, or the unit wobbles, a repair can become necessary for your safety. Here are three of the most common reasons you may need to hire a plumber to repair your toilet.

Draining Clog

A clog in the draining line of the toilet is considered to be one of the most common plumbing problems; it is also one time you probably need a plumber to auger out the clog and begin toilet repair Geneva IL. Whether it is a toy car, a tree root, or silting sediment, a clog can be a serious issue when it causes dirty water to overflow the toilet rim and seep onto your bathroom floor.

Trickling Water

When you can hear trickling water at random times in an empty bathroom, it may be that the toilet is trying to tell you there is a problem in the tank. Sometimes the float ball gets stuck, the fill valve won’t move, or the ballcock doesn’t seal correctly. Any of these issues can cause the water to drain from the tank, which in turn causes the liquid to constantly trickle as it continually fills and refills the tank. A plumber can use a new toilet fill kit to quickly fix this problem.

Leaking Seals

When you see water puddling near the base of the toilet, you probably have a leaking seal at the bottom of the commode. This can be caused by a slight wobble that compressed the wax ring inside the base to break the seal and thus allow water to escape through the flattened hole. The only way to fix this type of problem is to replace the ring with a new wax seal.

Don’t let a problem with your commode get you down. Let a plumber repair your toilet and get your bathroom back in working order once again.